Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014... on the go

2014 started already 15 days ago...geez.. not sure if it is everyones case but it starting to go pretty fast. Family still in town which is good and bad, but we are making the best out of it and trying to enjoy them as we don't get to see them often so we are trying to enjoy the visit from Puli's parents.

2013 was a great year, learned a lot and we plan to apply all those lessons to 2014. In part because we were too busy between work and training that racing just became part of out monthly routines. We surely picked it that way and probably 2014 won't be such a busy year. Considering that we have two iron distances in 2014 being not busy will be un understatement. What we mean is that we won't be racing as much. We are planning to stay under the racing radar for a couple of reasons:

  1. Our training schedule will be focused on our 2 iron distances and longer races. Staying healthy is key for the success of our races.
  2. Adding shorter fast paced races to our calendar only adds speed racing and really doesn't add much benefit in the longer races. We rather stay on target with the coach's plan.
  3. Financially, of course, this is always something to think about and no.. we are not rich to be racing all over the state just because we want to. We would love to but one of the challenges of being a couple that tri's is that you have to multiply everything by 2 and it starts adding up. You can imagine how it gets. We do this for fun and we don't get paid for it... :). We love our jobs too much.
Among a few others, those are the 3 main reasons of why we will keep our 2014 simple. In case you wondered, here is our plan for 2014:

  1. Cowtown Half Marathon in February
  2. Half Ironman Texas, Galveston in April
  3. MS150 Bike Ride from Frisco to Fort Worth (Training ride for Challenge)
  4. Challenge USA - Challenge Atlantic City June
  5. Ironman Arizona - Tempe in November
As you see from 13 down to 5 is a big jump. We know now that probably we will be adding a 5k here and there and maybe another 70.3 which we don't know yet as part of our Arizona training but for now we will keep it like that. We will as usual enjoy every minute of it and enjoy being together doing it, which is what matters the most to us. Races come and go, but sharing the experiences together is priceless to us, along with being fit and learning about ourselves in the process.

We hope to keep you entertained with our challenges, motivations and other things that go when you tackle 2 iron distances in a year not only by yourself but as a couple.