Monday, April 4, 2016

What's in it...

Sometimes we ask our selves the question about what's in it for us, not in it as in our lives, but more in this relatively new active lifestyle that we now embrace and share together.

In general we get to the same conclusion. We feel better. We do feel better in so many different levels. We admit it isn't easier and we have written before on how hard is to get motivated and even going. However the hardest step is the first one. We have each other for that accountability but at the same time we count with a group of friends that help us with that accountability. It is hard sometimes to come home tired after a train ride and days full of meetings to get on the bike or go for a swim. However once we are done with it, the satisfaction and feeling like you simply didn't just lay there on the couch is pretty awesome. 

One thing that we have noticed and mainly when we post on Instagram is that people tend to get inspired by our lifestyle. Not that we do this solely with that purpose but we admit it. It feels good when people reach out to us for advise, help, guidance or simply a word of encouragement. We say that if we can motivate others while we are on this crazy bandwagon it helps us motivate ourselves.  We also look up to our friends, social media buddies and other teammates to dig deep when we need it. When we need a word of advise or when we simply need inspiration to get it done. 

So to answer... what's in it? is more like what isn't? We have been blessed in many ways finding this lifestyle that has brought up so many different things in us that we didn't even know were even possible. It's true that doing an Ironman and all that is pretty out there, but to us is more than that. To us is more about the lifestyle, the friendships, the camaraderie, team building, so many self-searching moments when we thought we couldn't give one more step on a run, a stroke on a swim or pedal on a bike ride, all those things is what is in it. 

We know this year is bringing a big shift on things for us, first year in 3 years not racing a full distance. We have a couple of races in our schedule starting in tomorrow with the Rurgers Half which we did last year, followed by Rev3 Quassy 70.3 to dust off our tri-cobwebs and the summer will be preparing and doing a lot of bike riding to complete Gran Fondo NJ and Gran Fondo Hincapie before heading into the City to run the NYC marathon with our friends and co-workers along with 50,000 others of our closest running friends. That's a race that we are doing as a bucket list so we will not be doing it to beat any world records, we want to enjoy it to the end. Our A race in a way will be our Racecation to Cartagena where we are doing our Ironman 70.3 Cartagena. This one will be special, Puli's brother and sister will be doing it as well and of course there is sibling rivalry going on. That one will be fun, we have planned to do a vacation in Colombia, spend some time in Medellin and cap it off in Cartagena. 

We are also planning to do a quick training camp in Lake Placid in mid August with a couple of friends that are planning to do it with us next year so why not come by in the summer and swim, ride and run the course, we are also volunteering on race day. We always plan ocvlunteer at least one race a year, it is a great feeling to give back.

So while we get ready to run our 5th half marathon tomorrow morning, maybe we were able to share and give you a little bit more of our perspectives on what's in all of this.  As usual we will continue to bring some of our insight into this lifestyle and hoping to make a big announcement for Puli over the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!

Until then... See you on the other side