Who are we

Cartagena, Colombia
We are what we consider a normal couple, married with no kids except our little 4-legged black lab.  We are from Colombia, both professionals and have careers outside of the sport. Puli is a Civil Engineer and Res is a Psychologist. We both work full time and have actual lives outside triathlon... or at least we think we do.

Cliffhanger, Vancouver
A couple of years ago, Puli got the itch of riding bikes, the itch extended to us starting to do bike rallies around town and signing up to do the MS150 bike ride from Frisco to Fort Worth in 2011. It is a ride that extends for 2 days where you ride 150 miles and all this is to support the MS Society. Find more about it here. We did only one of the 2 days in 2011 because the second day got cancelled (we did complete it in 2012), we continued riding in 2011, and in 2012 Puli's brother did his first 70.3 in Panama. He had been training for a while and was telling us how much he was enjoying it. We wanted to start on it too but wanted to have a structure to it, didn't want to dive in without knowing what we were doing. So Puli started researching, we looked at almost every club in the Metroplex, until we found Coach M and Irontex. We went an tried it for a weekend in February and we were hooked. Saw that everyone there was pretty much like us, people wanting to have fun, get out of the work routine and stay healthy.

Since then we've been training, and getting more hooked into tris. Its been a good ride so far, and we enjoy it. We think that this is the proof that anything is possible. A lot of times we tell people what we do for "fun" but we get the "you are crazy" instead, we just like it and probably think it is crazy to just sit on the couch and not do anything. That's why we started riding at the beginning, we didn't want to become that. There are a lot of excuses not to do something, and we've probably used a few, "it is too hot in the summer", "got work to do", "have a headache", haven't used the "we have kid activities" but sure have heard it, but in reality a few excuses come up when you are doing it and getting the structure that you need. It is all matter of organizing your time, and schedules and it all falls into place.

So anyways, that's who we are, a little bit of what we do and why we do it.

Road trip time for Anise our 4-legged one... we will always remember her 

Meet JayJay..  our second love...