Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Speed Workouts - Power Workouts... they work.. but ouchhhh

So for the last two months Coach M has been having these "themes" to week workouts. Hot August.. was Hot August Nights, in part thanks to Neil Diamond and also because it was HOT indeed.

August was mainly a speed workout. We would go out and ride our bikes time trial style. We would go to the TMS and do a 5 mile warm-up lap around. Then we will come to a stop and he would let us go from 0 to another lap, all out. 5 miles all out. The key was that it wasn't the fastest lap, it was the most improved lap over the month. oh, and another condition was that we had to be present at every practice. Well... the winner was Res, she was the most improved lap.

September he came up with another "Theme"... Elaine Power Workouts. Well, Elaine is not a woman, neither is synonymous of Power. Elaine is this street near Bear Creek Park. It is a bit steep, and definitely not tender, regardless of the "cute" name. Well... we've called Elaine numerous names over the few times that we've gone up and down. Coach M insists that it is for our own good, and we sure hope so, actually we were reminded of sweet Elaine during Trifecta and we were actually pleased to know that we could do it, after seeing a few people walking that big one on Trifecta we were thankful that we were ready to tackle anything that comes up or down our way.