Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time for Mind over Body

This week's training was the start of our taper before Austin, we had a nice 3 hour ride last Sunday on the trainer, by nice I'm being really sarcastic because it was not nice at all, but albeit the 40-deg temperatures, I guess it was a bit nicer. This week overall was ok, I had another trainer ride, this time only an hour long, Res was able to do it outside and she was really happy with it, she felt so strong, had a couple of short runs, not too bad, and an open water swim which was a good one because it was a 1.1  mile distance and I was able to do the time I want for Austin, in the mid 30's. Yesterday we had another open water swim, it was ok, water was choppier than we like but we were good. We had a 30 minute run, but we came home and watched Kona, when the pros came in we went for our 30 minute run, it was funny.... I was feeling faster, I guess pumped up after watching Kona all day.

It was all going well until today, we had our last group brick, started with a 20 min run, then 1:45 on the bike and supposed to finish with a 25 min run. Did the first, was nice, weather was nice a cold, went back to get on our bikes, headed to triple threat by Trophy Club. It is our 3 hill repeat in less than a mile stretch. We were at mile 10, right before we turn to hit triple threat and my front tire got caught in the pavement joint and I lost control over the bike, I went down, rolled for about 30 feet and Res who was behind me goes on top/over me hitting the ground face first. Luckily we were with Coach M, and 2 other girls from the team. I got up to try to run over to Res because she wasn't moving much, but my nose was bleeding so they stopped me from moving. Res was able to get up but when she got up she started collapsing. A few good samaritans stopped and probably called 911 because a few minutes later the showed up. Res helmet, again was broken, and she was white as a wall. Paramedics insisted to take us to the hospital which we accepted so they would check us up. Our wounds were cleaned up, our heads checked, we were cleared.

We were in pain then, we are in pain now, and probably will be in pain for a while. The road rashes on me are in places where I know are going to hurt and hope they get better in 13 days, otherwise it is going to make it for a long painful day in Austin. Res' wounds are also in places where they will hurt with a long day.

Here is where we go back and read Chrissie Wellington's Mind over Body Battle blog and get inspired by her story. I know we can't compare a World Championship on the line vs. our Austin 70.3, we are not trying to get there first, or try to set any records on the course. We are trying to just finish it and be able to enjoy it. We know it is going to be a quick recovery, and what we do in the next 13 days will highly impact our performance on the 28th. We have trained hard for it and certainly think we are prepared, but putting our mind over our body pains and aches is what its going to take us across the finish line. Not the way we wanted to taper down into our first 70.3 but it wil be a test to our mind... and our body to recover... also to the post office to deliver our new helmets and the new lenses for my Oakley's. As long as we stick together like we have always done it, we will do just fine. Like Chrissie says: it is "The race within myself—where I gave absolutely everything.... The “war” that my competitive spirit craves. I couldn’t have done it on physical strength alone. It was a true test of mind."

For now....

Good night!!!!