Thursday, May 2, 2013

16 days... Yes scary countdown

Over the last few weeks we've been trying to put in the long training hours that our schedules call for, however life keeps getting in the way. We've been trying to hit at least 60-70% of the weekly workouts and for sure the weekend ones. We got a few 100+mile bike rides, 2.4 mile swims and things are looking ok on those two departments. The running department is not suffering significantly, we are trying to measure our paces (Res more than Puli) and not getting injured. Our bodies don't recover at the same rate so we try to make sure we are doing some stretching, massages, chiropractor, any little help we can get.

We are at the same time thankful to have each other on this journey. We definitely couldn't do it without each other, we help each other, push together, get mad, cry, get happy when we reach new distances, it is a journey that neither of us couldn't ask for better training partners and partners in crime. Don't get us wrong, we have an awesome team and they are a great support group, but nothing like when we train alone, together and share every step of the way together.

It's been a long 6 months, long in a way, even though it just seems like it was yesterday when we got our first schedule and kickoff meeting with the coach. We've learned a lot about ourselves, what our mind does and what our body tries to do, how the two are connected or disconnected. It's been emotional in our personal lives but also fun in many ways. We compare our workouts to what we used to do even a year ago when we started. We actually laugh now at our beginner days... note we don't say rookies because we are still rookies :). It has been interesting to see how we've built the endurance we have now and how our bodies just keep on giving. Also we are looking forward to a nice vacation, one that doesn't include triathlons...we'll see.

Anyways, this countdown is just feeding to our anxiety, our sleeping patterns are a bit screwed up, because of the anticipation, nerves, random thoughts, planning strategies, figuring out nutrition, all that good stuff that comes with a long day. We wouldn't have done it any other way. To you our reader thanks for reading, sticking with us and following us on our journey. Hopefully we will have a few more entries pre-race and of course our post race reports. Looking forward to leaving the moment when Mike Reilly says those words that we are so ready to hear... (Note we didn't mention them... We are not that.... yet)

We took this pic from Swim Bike Mom.... so credit to her