Sunday, July 21, 2013

My First Product Review.... Thanks to ChiTriBloggers for the opportunity

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Excited to bring you another product review.  Swirlgear is a Chicago based company that is in their second year of production and are looking toward their fall line launch soon.  I had the chance to meet the owner and really loved her, her team and what they stand for. We, at List of Triathlon Blogs, really want to support local/small businesses and I purchased a pair of shorts for one of our bloggers to review since becoming a Swirlgear Ambassador. {Res was not compensated for the review other than receiving the shorts and I personally paid for the shorts for review}.
Thanks Res for the review!
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Swirlgear Shorts Review

Hello everyone Res here, we recently connected with Triathlon Blogs and they offered me a chance to review some gear they had. Of course, being me I didn't miss a chance to try something new and to see what this whole reviewing gear was all about. We read all the time about these type of blogs but thought to ourselves... well... we are not that popular so we'll never get to do one of those cool things. So anyways they send me a pair of shorts from Swirl Gear I was actually so surprised because they offered them on Thursday night and by Saturday I had the shorts in the mail. When I opened the package I noticed the shorts where these

I didn't know about this brand before I got the shorts and neither read anything about them before I tried them (actually haven't read anything about them yet). I wanted my review to be as uninfluenced by other reviews as possible, so my review is my own experience with the shorts. 

So here I go, my first impressions on the shorts as soon as I opened the package: 

  1. They felt really soft to the touch
  2. The lining felt different from other built in briefs 
  3. I liked the length 
  4. The army green color... not my fave, but for the review purposes they worked 
  5. They felt relaxed when I first put them on.
We then planned to take them for a run during the week, things got really busy with work and other social
events and our run didn't go as planned and then considering that the temps were in the 100's here in Texas we weren't pushing it too much, yes we don't like the "dreadmill"

I ended up finally putting a decent run on Saturday on them. We had a swim/run workout so we headed out to it early in the morning. I had a swim first so I didn't wear them there (for obvious reasons), my plan was to put them on after the swim. 

I put them on after I got out of the water (of course drying myself first). At first they were OK, however I should've worn some underwear (some sort of tights or compression shorts under). I thought the lining material felt different than other shorts I’ve worn, particularly since I wasn’t wearing any undies. Yes... don't start looking at me now funny... most of you don't wear any undies either. :). FREEDOM!!!

We had an hour run, 6 miles more or less, I really like the fact that they were quick drying and didn't feel hot. So what they advertise on the website "Moisture wicking fabric to help keep you dry and comfortable" was very true.

The size I was given was a Medium, I'm a size 6 pants, and wear between S and M depending on the brand. The M felt good but if I were to buy these, i would consider getting the small as they were a bit loose on the inseam and they kept riding up which we girls know is not the greatest feeling. I ended up chafing a bit b/c of the loose inseam but don't think that would have happened with the smaller size so I definitely would recommend sizing down.

Overall, I definitely will use them for short training runs or gym workouts or even for walking and if i ever purchase the smaller size, would love to try them out for long runs. Thanks for the chance to review these shorts... hope it was helpful.