Sunday, September 29, 2013

Resisting the urge... not so much

Now that our Tri season has come to an end and we enter our last stretch of the year with a running season focus we've been Tri-ing really hard to resist our urges to sign up for another end of the year race (insert triathlon race here). We have pretty much our end of the year planned.... Here to the closing our year:

October: Bourbon chase 200 mile relay and No Limits Half Marathon
November: Turkey bike ride and maybe the turkey trot around the speedway
December: Dallas Marathon and double challenge 5k in New Years (running a 5k on 12/31/13 and a 5k on 1/1/14) with Pulis sister.

So that's why we've been resisting the urge, it's like we are on triathlon withdrawal. It's funny once you are hooked it's almost like an addiction. Anyways, to keep ourselves from signing up to more 213 races we've been looking at the 2014 season which is to some extend staring to pan out. Here is what we will call our rough draft of the 2014 season:

1. Fort Worth half marathon, not bad to see if we go for a PR, after running season, I think it will have a chance
2. St. Patty's tri... Always fun to have a Tri 10 minutes away from home yay to sleeping in! 
3. IMTX 70.3... Did it this year, loved the course. We might also have M and G convicted as well, I think they might go for it too.
4. Here is where the "resisting the urge" comes, well... We couldn't wait any longer, we have signed up for Challenge Atlantic City 2014, it is an inaugural race and also is going back home to where the Jersey girl grew up. It will be fun as we can have family and friends cheer and see what we do for "fun". 
5. Augusta 70.3 or another 70.3 around late September/early October time frame. It will potentially be on our IM training plan
6. November: Ironman Arizona.... So far we are planning to volunteer at this one, Res has some training for two weeks ending that weekend and we are trying to debate if we can actually make the trip. We are trying to make a desicion in the next week or so, since we need to let the volunteer teams know that they will be down two people. 

So that way we ended up not resisting the urge to sign for what would be our main journey of 2014. It is a race, and some call it the A race, for us this is a journey, it is another (yet exciting) chapter in our tri-ing life and another chance to push our bodies to the not so unknown now but still every event is different and  the distance deserves all the respect you can give it. 

For now, we will continue to enjoy out off season, focus on our running for our Dallas Marathon and work on our speed, strength, core and all the other bases that will make us stronger for next year. Oh... And also we will keep crossing our fingers that the government shutdown so we can continue to have a full household income to pay for our hobby :)