Saturday, August 27, 2016

When you volunteer.... And sign up

After we finished IMCozumel 2015 we knew we were going to take a break from long distance triathlon. Don't get us wrong we love long distance (aka the 140.6 or the Ironman they call). There is something about it that is addictive and simply keeps you coming back for more. This time we needed a break, we came into 2015 having 2014 raced 1x70.3 and 2x140.6 in 2014, I had recovered from a crash and dislocated shoulder/broken ribs injury and our bodies and mind needed a break. Then we moved to NY and did 1x70.3 closing the year with Ironman Cozumel which we had committed with our team before we had moved. As with anyone that has done a move across the country (or half way in our case) it definitely took its toll. Trying to figure out a new life in our new place, while getting settled in our new jobs and the pressure of training for an Ironman which its a full time on its own.

While we were in Mexico City (the week after IM Cozumel) Ironman 70.3 Cartagena was announced. Right there we knew that our 2016 season was going to be ending there. My brother and sister were going to do it and it was a no brainer to do it. Along the way Quassy 70.3 came along and we tackled it, and then we got into the NYC Marathon lottery so our season was just that. Considering that a lot of times for IM branded events you have to think about them like a year in advance, we then started to think about our 2017 season. I guess we miss the pain that a full ironman and its training brings because we set our sights in IM Lake Placid 2017. What better way than to really drink the kool-aid than by volunteering. We signed up to volunteer this year and live the IM experience at Lake Placid that way. It is pretty amazing when entire towns really embrace the whole IM family. We have seen it a few times now, but Lake Placid is different. The whole village breaths IM from the spring all the way until race day, and even past race day. It is triathlon heaven.

We were also able to meet up a few friends whom we have known now forever via today's social media outlets (facebook, instagram) and had a chance to cheer on a few others as well as give back to the sport that has given us and taught us so much over the last 4 years.
Last time we took a pic with The Ironman Voice was when we volunteer from IMAZ2013

One more shot at the rock, this time we mean it

Meeting Swim Bike Mom in person :)

Swim Bike Mom Family - Todd... came a long way to meet us, almost 130 miles in + his trip from ATL

Heather Jackson - Wattie Ink Boss... killing it

Shit got real